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Happy Kids

4.4 ( 1904 ratings )
Entretenimiento Educación
Desarrollador Confluence Software Solutions

Happy kids is more than just a game,Happy Kids is a powerful educational tool for toddlers and preschoolers.It provides hours of fun while giving your child a head start on learning about numbers,mathematics,shapes,colors,body parts,letters and words.
Happy Kids can also be said as one of its kind as it teaches all the basics taught in pre-school in one application it self which leads to no app migration to learn different things.
If your child is enough to ask for your iPad,they’re old enough for Happy Kids!
Happy kids is toddler-tested and approved,with a user-interface designed specifically for the littlest of fingers.The application includes beautiful illustrations,with entertaining sound.
Kids can use the application by themselves,but they also enjoy bringing adults along,talking about the letter,saying the names of the letters,and watching the pictures spin around and sound off or changing the pitch of voice.

***Application Info***

**Key Features of Happy Kids**

+Self-paced maths,Word Building practice
+On-time quiz for checking your intellect
+Learn about perfect pronunciation with interactive Speech on Tap
+HD graphics and sound effects to give an amazing game play experience

**Topics Covered**

1. Learn Shapes and Color:Learn about Different shapes and colors
2. Learn Human Body parts:Learn about he body parts
3. Learn Alphabets:Learning about all the Small and Capital alphabets with the description of images under each Alphabet.
4. Learn Numbers:Learning about to numbers with the interactive image of counting board.
5. Word Building:Create the word with the letters provided and pronunciation.
6. Mathematics:Learn about Addition and Subtraction with he help of pictures and models.
7. Quiz :Try checking your knowledge on the basis of content you learned.